Angular 6 Developer Training
This course will let you learn latest versions of Angular, a massively popular framework for building applications for desktop and mobile. This will help you get up and running with Angular and start developing web and mobile applications. This will cover the Angular Features, basics of ES6(latest version of JavaScript) and Typescript.
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About the course

Course Outline

CVK’s Angular Developer Training will let you learn latest Angular version for building complex industry standard web applications for desktop and mobile.

The course will help you to Learn and understand below topics:

  •  Help you get up and running with latest version Angular quickly.
  •  Anatomy and Architecture of Angular
  •  Differences between Angular 2, 4, 5 and 6.
  •  Understand basics of TypeScript and ES6(latest version of JS)
  •  Components and Templates of Angular
  •  Various types of Data bindings, pipes and interfaces in Angular
  •  Angular in-built directives and usages.
  •  Build custom directives and pipes
  •  Services and Dependency Injection of Angular
  •  REST backend API integration with Frontend
  •  Routing in Angular
  •  Angular 2 Forms
  •  Angular project set up and Angular CLI
  •  Understand Migration from Angular 1 to latest Angular


Who should go for Angular 5/6 Developer Training

  • Anyone who wants to learn the most used and popular JavaScript framework.
  •  This course will provide you expertise on front end development and technologies.
  •  Professionals or Students who wants to start developing web applications.


What are the Prerequisites for the course

  • Prior web development knowledge is not required.
  •  Good to have basics of HTML, CSS and JavaScript, but not must.
  •  Knowledge of Angular 1 is not required.


How will I do practical in Online Training?

For Practical Implementation, CVK will ensure required Environment is set up is made on your computer on your local machine. Only thing is you need have a computer with required configuration.


Making Job-Ready and Case Study

This course is not only make you understand the concepts, but also will make you Job Ready. Apart from the Regular Exercises, there will be a Major Case Study which is similar to a Realtime task that you will start working at end of program and Implement Completely under the supervision of trainers. This will make you full pledged Angular 5/6 Developer. The one of the case Study that you are going to Implement is as below.

Case Study


Library Management Application:

We will build a Library Management application with Angular and Bootstrap which will have major library related functionalities starting from Login, manage books, manage readers and book details etc. We will connect with some mocked backend APIs for the library books data.

  1. We will build a library management Application which will have a login page. Will have login validation before proceeding to actual application.
  2. Application will be Single Page Application means will have common header and footer throughout all pages.
  3. Header will have Navigation links to different screens and footer will have generic information like admin contact details.
  4. The first page will have all book details book name, author, published year, number of copies, readers list etc. in tabular format
  5. The first page will also have search box as well to filter the books based on searched text.
  6. There will second page which will have history of borrowers of that book. Which should show up after clicking on reader list option of that book.
  7. There should be options to issue the book to new reader or receive the book from existing user.
  8. On Click of book Name on first page, a new page will open to show the Book Introduction paragraph and few other relevant details of the book.
  9. There will links to Add new book and edit/delete exiting books on header.

(Wireframes or screenshot of the application will be provided for visual requirement.)

Course Features

This is the actual class hours spent by instructor in Live Online class with Students for delivering concepts, practical and classes.


End of Each class, there is an exercise given to participant and this is this the time student spends on working on assignments and has to be completed by its next class.


There will be a case study for the course which has to be implemented by participant and this is similar to a real time project and helps the participant job ready.Minimum 20 hours has to be spent participant to complete the same and this includes 2 hours guidance by instructor on giving road map for execution of the same.


You will be given life time access to the related materials, code samples, exercise, examples and access of 6 months to the video lectures of the classes on cvk’s channel.


Email Support will be provided by instructor on common technical queries during your practice.

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