Integrated Salesforce Admin and AppBuilder Training
This course will guide the Participants to be proficient in Salesforce Admin Essentials, Building Application with and Visual Force along with Introduction to Advanced Development using APEX through instructor led sessions with examples, exercises and case studies. This also let users to take up certification exams of ADM 201 and DEV 401 .
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About the Course

Course Outline

CVK’s Integrated Salesforce Admin and AppBuilder Training Course is designed to help the students to become proficient and able to start working on relevant applications as par with 2 - 5 years of experienced professionals in the said field and able to take up the relevant job roles across the globe in leading employers.  During this course we will help you to

  • Learn basics of Cloud computing and CRM
  • Set up environment for Salesforce
  • Learnt basic Administration concepts such as Organization Setup, User Setup, Global User Interface, Security and Access.
  • Learn to effectively use the advanced administration areas such as Standard and Custom Objects, Sales and Marketing Applications, Chatter, Data Management, Analytics, Reports and Dashboards, Workflow Automation, Desktop and Mobile Administration.
  • Learn all the activities involved in Application Design, Data Model, User Interface, Business Logic, Data Management, and Reporting from a Developer’s aspect.
  • Learn basics of Development using Apex and Visualforce
  • Learn about the best development methodologies for effective implementation

Who should go for Integrated Salesforce Admin and AppBuilder Training course?

Job market for Salesforce Professionals is growing in fast pace across the globe and there are endless opportunities for IT Professionals in the said area.  Some of the people who can take up this course to gear up their career are

  • Graduates with no prior professional programming experience
  • Programmers / IT Professionals from other background wants to upgrade to Salesforce.
  • Quality Assurance engineers wants to take up projects in Salesforce
  • Cloud Computing and CRM Professionals
  • Project Managers

What are the prerequisites for the course?

This course doesn't require any prior programming knowledge. Basic computer science knowledge will be enough to get started with this course.

How will I do practical in online training?

For practical implementation, CVK will ensure required development environment is set up is made on your computer on your local machine. Only thing is you need have a computer with required configuration.

Making Job-Ready and Case Study

This course is not only make you understand the concepts, but also will make you Job Ready.Apart from the Regular Exercises, there will be a Major Case Study which is similar to a Real time task that you will start working at end of program and Implement Completely under the supervision of trainers. This will make you competent Salesforce Professional The one of the case Study that you are going to Implement Is as below.

Case Study

ABC is medium-sized company supplying office computing equipment (PCs, laptops, printers, accessories) mainly B2B. They have decided to go for a more integrated solution: Salesforce. The initial configuration, data migration, and implementation have been done by an outside consultant who is no longer working with ABC. The student has been assigned the role of System Administrator, and he/she initially wants to gain an overview of Salesforce and its main features, learn to navigate, and understand what has been set up so far. She/he knows they will primarily be responsible for the day-to-day administration of Salesforce, such as dealing with login issues, bad data, and report requests, so they also want to explore those areas along the way. However, as the company expands, the student admin will also become increasingly involved in configuration as she/he scales Salesforce to meet the company’s increasing demands.  This will include such things as setting up new currencies as the company expands internationally, building out the role hierarchy and creating new profiles as they onboard new users, and creating custom fields and page layouts for new data that needs to be tracked.

Course Features
Live Online Classes - 38 Hours

This is the actual class hours spent by instructor in Live Online class with Students for delivering concepts, practical and classes.

Exercises - 40 hours

End of Each class, there is an exercise given to participant and this is this the time student spends on working on assignments and has to be completed by its next class.

Case Study - 20 Hours

There will be a case study for the course which has to be implemented by participant and this is similar to a real time project and helps the participant job ready.Minimum 16 hours has to be spent participant to complete the same and this includes 4(2+2) hours of guidance by instructor on giving road map for execution of the same.

Future Access

You will be given life time access to the related materials, code samples, exercise, examples and access of 6 months to the video lectures of the classes on CVK’s channel.


E-Mail Support will be provided by instructor on common technical queries during your practice.

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