Node.js Developer Training
The Node.js Development course is primarily designed for UI Developer(s)/Web Developer(s) who want to learn how to develop high performance, event-driven, real-time and scalable networking and web applications. In this course, you will learn the Node.js, Express, Bootstrap, Unit Testing and JavaScript Task runner (Grunt, Gulp) fundamental like JavaScript event loop, express routes, unit test cases, HTTP web server, handle requests & responses, event-driven communications, handling databases and much more...
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About the Course

Course Outline

At the completion of this course, attendees will be able to;

  • Describe JavaScript weird parts like prototype, objects, lexical scope, dynamic scope and closure.
  • Explore Node.js basic and advanced in-depth concepts.
  • Create and consume REST API.
  • Create HTTP web server and handling requests & responses.
  • Handle Sessions, Cookies, and Session Stores.
  • Perform Node.js database operations with SQL and NoSQL Databases.
  • Write Unit Test cases using Jasmine/Mocha and Chai.
  • Use HTML Template engines like Handlebars and Jade.
  • Install and Publish Node's Package Manager – NPM.
  • Use JS Task runner like Gulp or Grunt.
  • Publish their Node.js App on cloud server Heroku.


Who should go for this course?

All professionals who are keen to develop high performance, event-driven, real-time and scalable networking and web applications should go for this course.


What are Pre-Requisites for the course?

Anyone who wants to learn Node.js Development should have a basic knowledge of programming.


How will I do practicals in Online Training?

For Practical Implementation, CVK will ensure required Environment is set up is made on your computer on your local machine. Only thing is you need have a computer with required configuration.


Making Job-Ready and Case Study:

This course is not only make you understand the concepts, but also will make you Job Ready.Apart from the Regular Exercises, there will be a Major Case Study which is similar to a Real time task that you will start working at end of program and Implement Completely under the supervision of trainers. This will make you full pledged Front End UI Developer. The one of the case Study that you are going to Implement Is as below.


Case Study #1


You will learn how to develop an online shopping site. The site will show the list of products to User/Customer. A user can purchase products and see the previous order history. Here, admin will be responsible for adding products, categories and approving customer order. The application will use Node.js recommended architecture with extensible approach. We would be using payment gateway to do online payment and finally publishing it.


Project Architecture

The primary goal of this architecture is to share as much code as possible across the web application and further reuse existing code for mobile apps development if necessary. This architecture will help you to develop SPA with the recommended design patterns and practices.


What you will learn through project?

  •  At the completion of project, attendees will be able to;
  • Create shopping cart using jQuery 
  • Integrate payment gateway 
  • Validate data at client side and server side 
  • Use Node's Package Manager – NPM 
  • Create REST API using Node.js and Express 
  • Scale web app for Phone, Tablets, and Laptop & Desktop 
  • Optimize your page performance 
  • Secure you application based on user roles 
  • Use JS Task runner like Gulp or Grunt 
  • Deploy their app on Github 
  • Publish their node app on cloud server Heroku


Customized for OPTs and Fresher’s

The course is customized for OPTs and Fresher’s as well as per the JD of the specific country and project.

Course Features
Live Online Classes - 20+ Hours

This is the actual class hours spent by instructor in Live Online class with Students for delivering concepts, practical and classes.

Exercises - 10 hours

End of Each class, there is an exercise given to participant and this is this the time student spends on working on assignments and has to be completed by its next class.

Case Study - 10 Hours

There will be a case study for the course which has to be implemented by participant and this is similar to a real time project and helps the participant job ready.Minimum 20 hours has to be spent participant to complete the same and this includes 2 hours guidance by instructor on giving road map for execution of the same.

Future Access

You will be given life time access to the related materials, code samples, exercise, examples and access of 6 months to the video lectures of the classes on cvk’s channel.


Email Support will be provided by instructor on common technical queries during your practice.

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